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Luxury Gold Products

All the wire used is 14k gold filled. All the chain used is 14k gold filled. Both have silver as a base metal, which accounts for 20%. The outer 80% is 14k gold. These pieces won't tarnish from sweat, ocean water, or pool water. It is still advised to polish intermittently to preserve original shine.

My necklace tarnished quickly. Why, and what should I do?

All of our jewelry is made with quality materials and shouldn't tarnish within the first few years, if ever. More often than not if your necklace chain looks tarnished it could be a buildup of makeup, moisturizer, or skin. I know; gross :p, but because we use very fine chain it is easy for buildup to occur. There is an easy fix!

You can rinse your necklace with hot water only, and if there is still visible buildup you may need to employ the use of a jewelry polish. Another helpful tool is a very fine brush. I have posted links below with products that are affordable and effective.