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Thank you for your purchase!

Your squiggle frame was hand made, for you, by me, Evan! I hand mix, roll, and place each squiggle before baking them in my oven and gluing them to an acrylic frame base! 

Because these are all hand made there are some imperfections you will notice (finger prints and variations in the thickness of the squiggle) Unfortunately, some of that is unavoidable. If you are deeply dissatisfied with your frame please reach out via etsy direct message and I would be happy to discuss replacing or refunding your order!


How do I clean my squiggle frame?

It is best to use a swiffer cloth or compressed air to remove dust. Certain cleaners can leave a permanent residue on the squiggle and the acrylic frame.

Are there discounts for buying in bulk?

Currently you can buy one of my "party packs" on etsy which allows you to buy multiple frames of the same size in different colors, and there is a substantial discount on shipping.

How do I order a custom size?

It is rare that I can find an acrylic frame base for the custom size requests, but I am always happy to make the squiggle for a frame and ship that for the buyer to glue themselves.

Can I order a custom color squiggle frame?

YES! Reach out directly on etsy's direct messenger and provide a color sample in your message. I love making custom colors & the additional charge is minimal (10-15% upcharge for custom color work)


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